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HN Limited

HN Limited ...

How to get the best from our terroir, how to surpass existing cuvées by providing additional work?

Under the guidance of our consultant and friend, Christian Prud'homme, we have developed since our harvest in 2017, a complete vinification in demi-muids of our best parcels. This project was made possible not only by a deep knowledge of our terroir, but also by Christian's know-how and passion. The results being up to our requirements of quality and singularity, we have elaborated a range that goes back to the essential, which we present to you today, HN Limited whose first two vintages - Here and Now - take up the symbols dear to our domain, the place and the present moment.

 Through this very artisanal process, we try to let the time do its work, not to be intrusive, to get the best of the vintage - the best plots, the best barrels - without pressure of  the volume or number, but with the will to produce singular and exceptional wines, or not to produce it if it doesn't suit us: pure happiness!


  Through this very artisanal process, we try in each vintage to give time to time, not to be intrusive, to get the best out of the vintage - better plots, better barrels - without stress of volume and number but with the will to release a singular and exceptional cuvée, or not to release it if it does not suit us: pure happiness!


We hope that these wines will delight you as much as we enjoyed elaborating them. They are for us the result of a craft process undertaken with Christian, our friend who passed away too soon, who knew how to transmit his passion and his experience. We wish to pay tribute to him by dedicating him these first vintages.

HN Limited

Monoplot. Monovarietal.

Since our harvest in 2017, identifying terroirs and sublimating them are at the heart of our work. This HN Limited range is thus an opportunity for us to let micro-terroirs express themselves through single-varietal cuvées.



to details.

 From the choice of design to that of the bottle, through the selection of a cork stopper allowing it to be kept for more than ten years, we have everything  implemented to provide a beautiful setting for the exceptional cuvées of the HN Limited range.


Complete vinification.

Once harvested, the whole grape berries are sung in French oak demi-muids for a long vinification, bringing to the wines  finesse, roundness and complexity. Aging in barrels for 14 to 18 months concludes the work on the wines of the HN Limited range.


Rare and exclusive wines.

Thanks to a careful selection process in the vineyard and in the cellar, each HN Limited wine is produced in limited quantities and each bottle is numbered.

Coulisses HN Limited

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